About the Artist and Author

Neville Hiatt is a storyteller. Be it with a camera, computer, microphone or even a pencil and the back of an old envelope and he will create for you a world different to your own.

A country boy at heart he was born in a small town in the south eastern corner of Australia, though he spent as much time in worlds created by other authors as the one he had been born into.

From having speech therapy as a child he went on to spend a decade working in radio, which took him around the globe. His life was radically changed when he was medically retired before his 30th birthday, due to a life changing accident.

Left battling depression, anxiety and chronic nerve pain as a result of the accident he became even more passionate about sharing his life experiences and imagination in the hope of inspiring others in their journey.

A decade later and his life changed again in another instant as he was miraculously healed while at church one day. A split second dramatically altering his life a second time over.

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