Thrifty Thursdays 62

I’ve been debating since watching this whether to share it as a Thought Provoking Tuesday or a Thrifty Thursday Post, as it easily falls under both categories.  A few years ago a very interesting experiment was undertaken.  I just watched it for the first time last week and thought I should share it in case you also hadn’t seen it.


I refer to Craigslist Joe a 2012 documentary with Joe leaving every comfort and resource he knows behind to see if he can survive a month with only things sourced from Craigslist.  In case you don’t know the site people list all kinds of ads on there from jobs to classes, accommodation, ride shares and even personals. I’ll try not to spoiler alert to much but it is a very interesting journey as he meets people from the site and hopefully gets food in his belly and a roof over his head each night.

It was heartwarming to see humanity in action despite the forced circumstance engineered for the experiment.

And then just today I was chatting to someone about how they are surviving on about 1/8th of what they were previously earning due to a job loss.  I think I have too much stuff, what about you?

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