Tuesday Tunes 54

A milestone was finally reached this week. No number one songs yet unfortunately, but I finally managed to […]

Tuesday Tunes 53

What an exciting week. Endless Refrain’s “Christmas In July” album is now available. Two new music lyric videos […]

Tuesday Tunes 52

It seems harder to keep up with these weekly blog posts than it does to keep up with […]

Tuesday Tunes 51

A new month, a new album and over the half way mark of project 104. It was so […]

Tuesday Tunes 50

It’s my party and I’ll be late if I want to. Honestly I didn’t want this post to […]

Tuesday Tunes 49

One week to go before the big 50! “Christmas in July” is ready for release next month. It’s […]

Tuesday Tunes 48

Last week I realised something I should have realised last year. However as much as I never realised […]