2024 Four Seasons Jewelry Now Available

I’m feeling a similar level of excitement that I had when publishing the foreign language translations of my collection of short stories “Some Shorter than Others” as I do now knowing you could be wearing one of my designs around your neck, wrist or ankle. Though anklets aren’t part of the range if your body measurements allowed it could be possible to wear a bracelet as an anklet. As for your neck both necklaces and dog tags are available. Also in this years merchandise range are tshirts, hoodies, bags, singlets, blankets, bottles, and mugs. Last year I only selected 12 photographs, one for every month of the year. This year I chose any that fit well into the shape of Australia. There are 30 designs to choose from in the 2024 Four Seasons Collection.

I’ve got one item slot left available for each design so if there is an item you would like one of my photographs on that isn’t listed let me know and I might be able to create it for you. If you ask extra nicely and slip me a generous tip I also might be able to create for you a customised design just for you or someone you love. Shop early if you want any of these before Christmas. If you are an aussie and don’t want to wait for international shipping I might be able to create a similar design of some items with a different supplier for you. See the full range here.

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