Tuesday Tunes 016

It was fun using new software to create this weeks videos. “Ampersand” is the track from the A side of this weeks record. Written weeks ago I’m relieved I’ve finally been able to share it with you. It can be a difficult decision choosing each week which ones to share. Some are scheduled but then get bumped because I’m writing more in the meantime.

The B Side of this weeks record features “Forever Was Too Long”. The original visual concept I had for both these videos changed as I was producing them. That happens often as the creative process develops into the final product. A massive thank you to Matthew Bunker for recording the music for this weeks video “Forever was Too Long”. As much as I appreciate all the artists who share their music online for others to use, it’s extra special to work with someone on music created specifically to match your words. If you would like to write some original music for any of my upcoming videos I’d be happy to hear from you. I’m already scheduling videos for the rest of the year.

I’m available for hire, if you would like me to create a video for you.

If you’ve missed videos from previous weeks, experience the full playlist here.

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