52 the final 5

The final 5 videos for 52 : The Bard from Ballarat are now live. They went live on Odysee last night. If you want to watch them on youtube they are being released every night this week.

The final 5

When I started to release them at one a week, halfway through last year I thought I would have finished sharing them with you months ago. As most of you would have discovered over the past two years not everything we have wanted to do has gone to plan. With only a couple of weeks left in the year, I finally sat down yesterday and put the final 5 videos together. If you’ve already seen the rest enjoy these final ones. If you haven’t watched any of them yet start with Freedom 2015 and experience all 52.

I wrote a new piece on Saturday that may be included in 126 my planned follow up to 52. I’ve still got 100 to write for that collection so it may be another year before it comes out. Regardless of how little or how much you have managed to achieve this year may, 2022 be your best year yet.

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