Flashback Fridays 12

This week was the first week in 5 years that I haven’t watched SOA (Sons of Anarchy).  Can you remember the very first time you discovered your favourite TV series.  For me it was during season 3, sadly Australian TV hadn’t picked up the series untill the first two had already aired in the states.   Well it didn’t take me long to get caught up and every week since I’ve ridden the journey with them.

I used to think the weeks between seasons were torture, though for anyone who has seen the show you know the use of the word torture is exaggerating.

Now it’s all over the final ever episode aired last week.  I’m glad that Kurt Sutter the twisted mind behind it all ended the story arc where he had originally planned despite the shows immense popularity.

Looking back over the last few years I’m left wondering how did I get sucked in so easily, how did watching the show become almost like a drug? And then I throw the leg over and open up the throttle and question no more.

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