Flashback Fridays 53

For the last 3 Flashback Friday posts this year I’ll be taking a look back at the year that was.

Let’s kick it off with a look at what happened in the world of poetry for me in 2015. The year started with meeting Abe Nouk which was an inspiring weekend hearing his story of how he taught himself to read when he came to Australia.  This was followed by the Ballarat Council supporting Spoken Word and getting the opportunity to share some pieces with a live audience 9 months ago.

The poetry journey continued with a local anthology published for the Ballarat Begonia Festival.  A beautiful book was produced which included photos to go along with the poems and some were then performed during the festival weekend.

I thought that was probably it for year for me I was busy with other projects but a couple of months ago I thought I wonder how many poems I have written this year.  Once tallied up I was surprised I had written so many. So they were collated and edited and culled and tweaked and formatted and 52 was launched only a few weeks ago.

So if you love poetry or know someone who does there’s a few extra Christmas ideas for you.  What a year it’s been mostly full of short stories and photography (more about them over the next 2 weeks) but my poets heart keeps beating and I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.  Happy writing.

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