Flashback Fridays 54

For the last 3 Flashback Friday posts this year I’ll be taking a look back at the year that was.

And we are already halfway there with a look at what happened in the world of Short Stories for me in 2015.

Wow what a year, if you had of told me last year when the original english edition was released that a year later it would be available in foreign languages within 12 months I would have been like ok, I believe you, yep, and just how is that going to happen.

Well 12 months later and honestly I am still pinching myself.  The time and effort the translators took to get the best possible translated version was let’s face it an exhausting experience but I am so thankful to Luis, Patti, Viktor and Vale for there dedication. And to those who read the early edits and provided feedback thank you as well.

I had to think about so many things within some of the stories more than I ever had before.  It has been a highly educational  experience which I am so glad I went through before writing Some Longer than Others next year.

Depending on where in the world you are getting you a paperback copy in time for Christmas cannot be guaranteed but you should be able to download a copy in time.

2015 also saw me win my first writing competition which was quite exciting.  I had zero expectation when entering the ABC Ballarat and Melbourne Writers Festival memoir competition, it sounded like a bit of fun so I had a go.  To get the call from Dominic the breakfast announcer saying I had won was a wonderful surprise.

2016 …. Some Longer than Others …. I am really looking forward to sharing these stories with you.  Would you like to see any from Some Shorter than Others continue?

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