Four Seasons 2022 The Master Collection

In previous years I’ve created a money can’t buy edition of calendars. Last year it was a black and white collection. The year before it was the first year of doing the marshmallow farmer calendar. This year and all future years the plan is to create The Master Collection. It’s my way of giving back to twelve individuals in a very special way.

You are able to buy one of the four wall prints if you fall in love with any of the photographs from this collection.

So which images made the cut for the inaugural Master Collection?

The Front Cover – I have loved this image from the moment I saw it. The nakedness of the tree with the koala facing the other way captured in black and white captures my heart in an indescribable way.

January – Of all the sunrises experienced across all four seasons, how to pick just one? I chose this one for its serenity, its stillness, and deep rich colours. Featuring a bonus cameo from the moon.

February – It wasn’t easy picking just one rainbow lorikeet either. I still question whether the Summers October photograph should have been here. But I chose this one, I love these birds and look forward to bringing you new images of them for 2023.

March – It looks similar to Winter’s August photograph. It’s framed slightly differently and this version was shot in black and white. Like the front cover, I love that it’s not your usual koala photograph, again you can’t see its face. You also can’t see the branch the koala is sitting on.

April – This was the first photograph I knew would be in The Master Collection. More like a painting than a photograph. The colouring of the bird against the stillness of the water in the background and rocks in the foreground. I will forever be proud of capturing this image.

May – One of my most memorable days photographing. I’ve had many memorable days and some have been close to bringing tears to my eyes. What we have all been through the last two years along with the rare sighting of a joey kangaroo imprinted this day in my memory more than most. Seeing the natural world continue to create new life blissfully unaware of the events happening around the world is one of the reasons I take photographs.

June – I’ve already found one fan of this photograph. Before I settled on the theme of shooting each season every year, my 2019 offerings where a full colour calendar, a selective colour calendar and a black and white calendar. I love shooting in selective colour though this is the only one in this years collection. It’s more common to be able to shoot a sunrise in yellow, being able to capture red is rare.

July – This sunset was surreal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to a spot where I could shoot with a nice horizon. Shooting straight up was the only way I could capture this sunset. It was one of those rare times where there was colour everywhere you turned.

August – Similiar to the Spring August black and white photograph I shot this one in colour. The curves of the tree and the koala curled up made it an easy choice for The Master Collection.

September – Fluffies are beautiful in colour. Shot in black and white I feel they look even cuter. Choosing just one from a year’s worth of shooting wasn’t easy so I went with the heart, I hope you love this one as much as I do.

October – This photograph was originally going to be the front cover of the Autumn collection. Once I started putting The Master Collection together I knew this shot had to be included. One of those moments where you are in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and the right experience.

November – Similar to the Autumn August photograph this is a version I shot in colour. It’s another beautiful reminder of new life.

December – This sunset was as full of life as the others are quiet and peaceful. From a location that isn’t usually conducive for sunsets this night it was the perfect location. The amount of birdlife made for an even more memorable sunset.

I look forward to capturing more beautiful photographs for you for the 2023 collection.

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