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I’ll forever be thankful the organizers of the BIFB didn’t cancel earlier in the year like so many other events in Victoria did. I lived in hope that it would go ahead and then a couple of days before my planned installation regional Victoria was locked down again. I stayed hopeful despite the tears that the lockdown may end on the 2nd of September as originally announced and my opening could go ahead on the 4th as originally planned. Then the inevietable happened and the lockdown has been extended until a 70% vaccination rate is reached which they project will be around the 23rd of September.

Can they be believed?

As Peter Rowen tweeted “Just two weeks, just a mask, just the vulnerable, it’s just temporary, they’re just the guidelines, just a while more, just the adults, just indoor dining, just the pubs, just 5kms, just the schools, just the kids, it’s just a jab, just 2 jabs, just 3.. it’s just a passport. it’s just an adverse reaction, it’s just temporary, it’s just another booster, it’s just another variant, it’s just the 5 – 12 year olds, it’s just your livelihood, it’s just your home, it’s just your life. It’s just your life.”

In case you don’t know I used to write and read the news when I worked for radio stations. Aside from a few media outlets I’ve been horrified at the reporting by the majority of the media here and abroad.

I’m not writing to tell you what to think but I am begging you to think. When I wrote the news there were details I left out all the time but it was usually to save you from some of the more horrific details. I always wrote in the most truthful manner I could, any details omitted never changed the narrative of the story.

So let’s look at some interesting information you may or may not be aware of..

Do you remember daily press conferences for influenza in 2019?
How about any of the other measures we’ve seen this year?

I love numbers and stats and am baffled why the cases stat is pushed so heavily without any context.

If current policy is decided by case numbers then a look around the world has me asking will they stop using case numbers when their vax target is reached? And if they stop using case numbers then, why are they using them now?

Israel is one of the most vaxed countries. It’s not alone the UK and Gibraltor also have high vax rates and soaring cases. With Israel now declaring anyone who has had two shots is considered unvaxed. Only someone who has had three shots will be considered vaxxed, yet even they are still catching and transmitting covid.

There are so many resources available that I come across every day but I’m aware you may not have the contacts I do.

The North Dakota v South Dakota comparison is one I’ve always found interesting.

This is just one of the articles I’ve seen recently that make me question where things are headed. If you believe the narrative that vax passports are about your health what about this video?

As to masks do you wear one because you’ve been told to without doing any research yourself? This short video is interesting.

Again not telling you what to do or think just presenting you with some information you may not have seen..

I find this article on masks from a few years ago interesting.

What about the conversation around prevention being better than a cure, and using existing options?

I’m not offering medical advice but there is lots of information that can be found online from around the world that contradicts what many governments and health officials are telling us. A qualifying question I ask myself is who profits from losing their job by speaking out and who profits by using cheap treatments that already exist v who profits from creating new drugs? Did you even know Ivermectin was as Australian as vegemite?

Has the news you watch told you this?

“In under a year, more than 500,000 post-COVID vaccine injuries have been reported to VAERS — nearly a third of all reports accumulated over the system’s entire three-decade lifespan — yet regulatory agencies remain silent.” Robert F Kennedy Jr

That doesn’t sound as safe to me as what the main narrative has made them out to be. Again I’m not telling you what to do I just want you to make informed choices whatever you choose. How about a video from some doctors that have been vaccinated?

This report looked at 43 countries. This information is freely available why won’t the governments share the information they are using to make their decisions? Here’s an article that lists 37 reports on lockdowns yet our politicians share nothing with us to justify what they are doing.

There are lots of videos online from this former Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer, this is just one of them.

If you are up for a slightly longer video this is one of the best compilations of data I’ve seen. Like me, he doesn’t tell you what to think he just presents some information you may or may not have seen and lets you make up your own mind.

There’s so much more I could have included but hopefully, this will help you be better informed about our current world. You are an adult you can decide to do with your body whatever you want. Nothing in this article is medical or legal advice and you are responsible for verifying any of the information linked in this post. To do so you may need to use duckduckgo instead of google to search for things. With so much information being censored by big tech, you’ll need to search worldwide across multiple sources.

When we are living in a world where healthy discussions no longer happen and once free and democratic societies are being silenced by their governments, it astounds me how current events look like some parts of history we should not repeat.

This survey gained some interesting results that appear to be different from what most news sources are telling us.

How will you live the rest of your life?

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