Four Seasons 2022 Winter Prelude


“Winter is the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate zones; it does not occur in most of the tropical zone. It occurs after autumn and before spring in each year. Winter is caused by the axis of the Earth in that hemisphere being oriented away from the Sun.”

In my own words, I love winter the crispness of the air makes shooting photos in winter a unique experience. Unfortunately, there are no snow photos in this year’s collection. I’m optimistic I’ll get to spend another winter in the northern hemisphere despite the current state of our world. I finally found some photogenic kangaroos after they alluded me during the past three seasons. If you love August there’s a black and white version in this year’s inaugural master collection. I won’t be revealing those extra special 13 photographs until the 2021 Ballarat International Foto Biennale is underway. Which is now only just over a week away.

I’ll keep releasing an NFT a day in the lead up to the BIFB2021. I’ve been releasing them using the Enjin Jumpnet Network due to it’s free transactions and negative carbon blockchain. If you want to secure your favourite photograph before then buy the NFT which comes with a copy of the physical photograph.

There isn’t enough wall space to print all the photographs for my upcoming exhibition. Thank you to everyone who has let me know the photos they’ve loved so far. It’s been an interesting exercise letting you chose the photos I’ll print for the foto biennale. You don’t have long to wait to find out which ones made the final cut. The Four Seasons 2022 and marshmallow farmer calendars have arrived from the printers so don’t delay in contacting me if you want to secure one this year.

I’d love to show you all the Winter ones in this post but that would spoil the fun in the final 2 weeks before the exhibition. I don’t want to leave you without anything though so let’s see how close your imagination can get based on these descriptions.

  • The front cover – I had a photo of a kookaburra that I wasn’t quite happy with. I was ecstatic when I managed to capture this one.
  • January – The winter colours during winter are extra special. Getting up to photograph sunrises in winter is a lot harder than it is in summer but I hope you’ll think it was worth it for this one.
  • February – The only thing more special than a day shooting kangaroos is a day shooting joey’s. It was difficult not tearing up watching this joey tumble out of and climb back into the pouch. In all we have all been through this year it was a day I will treasure as long as I remember it.
  • March – There are koalas and then there are koalas that feel a little more adorable than the others.
  • April – I’d been resisting shooting autumn leaves for the winter calendar. This tree in the middle of a meadian strip broke through that resolve.
  • May – This one had so much character that it was an easy inclusion in this years winter collection.
  • June – Sometimes less is more. Without a leaf in sight and curled up in the fork of a gumtree this photograph is one of my personal favourites from the year. It was difficult to not include it in the master collection.
  • July – A little bit of character goes a long way when looking for a standout shot.
  • August – With the branch this koalas sitting on hidden from view I love the optics of this shot.
  • September – An ode to the photograph that featured as the July photogroph in my Spring 2020 collection.
  • October – An image that isn’t a natural fit for a collection of nature photographs. Yet these collections are also about capturing moments that were temporary. A temporary art installation on the waterfront fitted that criteria perfectly.
  • November – Capturing a pelican as it took off, choosing one image was a difficult decission. This was the one I chose.
  • December – Winter sunsets feel as special as the sunrises. The final photograph for this years series, it’s almost time to start shooting Spring for the 2023 collection.

It’s sad that so many beautiful photographs from this past Winter didn’t make the cut but that is all part of being an artist. I pray the 13 I chose to bring some extra joy into your life during these continued difficult times.

Now I’ve got two bonus offers for you while stocks last. Anyone paying for an NFT or a Limited Edition of Four Print will get a complimentary copy of the limited edition of 12 2022 calendar that the photograph is featured in. This offer is only valid while the stock of the calendars lasts. Once they are sold out, the offer is null and voided.

Thanks to Eagle Point Cottages in Gippsland everyone who pays for an NFT or limited edition print from the 2022 Four Seasons Range before the 31st October 2021, will be placed into a draw for two nights off peak for two people valued at $320.

$5 from each Limited Edition Four Seasons 2022 Calendar & $50 from each Limited Edition Four Seasons 2022 NFT or Print will be donated to the Sanghaya Foundation. These donations will help fund microfinance loans for women rescued from human trafficking so they can run their own businesses.

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