Memory Making Mondays 03

Thank you to Rainbow Gallery Cafe for inviting me out to Moonambel on Friday night to read a few of my poems and short stories.  If it wasn’t for the pain I have to endure to complete such a mission it would have been a fairly idyllic night.  A beautiful bush setting, two fires going keeping everyone comfortably warm and a delicious dinner.  It was an honor being able to share some of my musing with the other guests while they waited for their meals to arrive.  For those unable to attend I left some books, cd’s and photo’s behind as well as one of the original ilustrations from Some Shorter than Others.  Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to appreciate the original hand drawn illustration from Two Peas in a Pod in person.  Thank you also to Sylvia Hollis not only is she a talented artist but a supportive friend providing me with safe transport home.

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