Memory Making Mondays 29

I missed posting about this last week (barely did anything last Monday other than decide to see it through till Tuesday), but I still wanted to share after a workshop I attended last weekend.


It was a short story workshop hosted by Tony Birch (who will be judging the southern cross short story competition this year) and with one collection already out and at least another 2 planned I headed along to see what I could pick up to make them even better than the first one.

The most memorable part of the day for me though was a writing exercise he gave us.

Based off the movie After Life by writer and director Hirokazu Koreeda, in which after people die, they spend a week with counselors, who help them pick one memory, the only memory they can take to eternity. They describe the memory to the staff who work with a crew to film it and screen it at week’s end; eternity follows.

Tony asked us that if there was to be a 3 min movie based off our lives what one memory would we choose.  Below is the one I wrote.

I sat there holding her feeling her own turmoil mingling with my own. Moments before I had said something and I was unsure if her reaction was one of joking tears or one of uncontrollable sorrow. That realisation took but a few seconds and then I was wrapping my arms about her just letting her be. It was not a time for language she wasn’t looking for a solution. As hard as it was I just had to sit with her, providing a safe place for her pain to escape.

I’d love to read yours if you are willing to have a go, please post it below…


P.s. thanks Tony for the germ of inspiration for 2 more story ideas.

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