Memory Making Mondays 33

What a beautiful weekend. Cold yes, sadly fatal for some, but for me a very memorable one.  I still remember the one time it got cold enough last year for a serious frost and I was able to get out and get some great photos at the local lake and gardens. You can find some of them here. While a few people were complaining about their pipes being frozen I was piling on the layers and hoping for some great photos. _DSC7018_s


It feels even more poignant that I was able to capture these at the start of The National Pain Week.  It’s extra special memories like these that help me get through the rougher times._DSC7059_s


Being able to look back and remember how cold it was. How slippery the black ice was. How crisp the air was. How wrecked I was for the rest of the even after such a small outing. All worth it for this._DSC7091_s

Can you guess which of these three photos is the new desktop image on my computer?

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