Memory Making Mondays 41

With the assistance of a friend I was able to get to one more venue on the weekend and check out 4 more exhibitions as part of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.  Sadly by this time last Biennale I’d seen them all but my body has let me down even more than it was then and I think I’ve now accepted I won’t get to see them all now.  Hopefully by this Friday I’ll be able to write you a post about the ones I have had the pleasure of seeing before it all wraps up this weekend.  The Astronomical Society of Victoria’s exhibition at the Gold Museum is wow.  Yes I’m an author but wow is the best word to describe it.

This photo I found on facebook doesn’t do the exhibition justice, just make time to go see them, and allow yourself enough time to get lost in them. I love all the technical data in each photos description.

My favourite venue as a whole is still Boah Organic (upstairs), it’s a mini foto biennale unto itself.

What’s been your favourite so far?



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