My Opus Chapter Two

Do you live by faith or feelings?

Regardless of how you feel, you can always have an open dialogue with God. Don’t let the lies of this world short change your relationship with your creator. He sent his son to reconnect with you, his lost sons and daughters. Jesus modelled the life you were created for when he walked among us.

You were loved yesterday, you are loved today and will be loved tomorrow. If you don’t feel loved that isn’t a problem because you are. When you can believe that truth regardless of how you feel, you can start to feel loved. He can do a lot with an open door.

The bible says you are free from sin.

“There are people that butcher this topic up, and keep the church sin conscious, it develops works and legalism, because we are afraid if we preach it the way it is, it will give people the excuse to sin and it does the total opposite. I did not find a way to sin and get away with it, I found a way to be free from it, forever. That’s why I’m a happy man.”

Dan Mohler


You’ll never find your true identity in your family tree, your job, your hobbies, your children, your partner, your identity is in Christ and when you get that sorted you will fall in love with him like never before. The bonus is that when you get your identity sorted everything else in your life can benefit.

Moses parents weren’t afraid when they sent him as a baby down the river by himself. They couldn’t have done that if they didn’t trust in God to the point where they knew that despite what was happening in the natural that it was all going to work out according to his plan.

What is Sin?

There are two definitions of sin in the New Testament

Definition One: If you know what is right and don’t do it.

Definition Two: Anything that isn’t of faith.

I love simple explanations/definitions. Those two definitions make it easy for me to understand where the line is. If you crossed that line yesterday ask God to forgive you, and then forgive yourself, because by the time you do, he already has. Today you can make different choices.

What is a new life in Christ?

Have you killed your former self, or are you still living for your fleshly desires? Have you allowed Jesus to transform certain areas of your life but not others? When you surrender everything to him you’ll find that your new life is so much better than any gratification you received in your former. If your old self is still breathing, kill it right now and start your new life with Christ today.

If you don’t know how to do this, pray a prayer to God in your own words like Dan did when he found himself in this situation.

“If you’re real, if you really love me, and can forgive me and have a plan for my life, I will live for you.” Dan Mohler

When you make the switch from being sin conscious to being his redeemed son/daughter you can know his grace like never before.

You won’t live a perfect life from this point forward, but knowing you are loved as his son/daughter from this point forward can free you to tell him openly anytime you do something you know you shouldn’t. Forgive yourself as quickly as he does and live your new identity, so each day the memory of your former self becomes more and more a distant memory.

Don’t make the same mistake Adam and Eve did. Don’t hide from love.

Living out faith

Don’t let someone else’s disbelief dictate your faith. Forget the theology you have been taught to date and read the bible with a fresh set of eyes. You can be set free, you can be healed, everyone you know can be healed. Your level of belief doesn’t change the truth of the Bible. Others level of belief doesn’t change the truth of the Bible. If what you belief doesn’t match up to the Bible which will you continue to believe? You are under zero pressure when praying for someone else. You are only called to obey and in obedience tell others to be healed.

Living life based on your feelings will short change you every time, compared to living by faith. Feelings are fun, I love them, but I love faith even more. God loves you regardless of how you feel. Talk to him like he is physically next to you right now and start living out your new life with him.

Faith isn’t something you try on like a new pair of shoes where if they don’t feel right you take them off. Faith is like a new layer of skin on your feet, wear it where ever you go until it’s as comfortable as your favourite pair of shoes.

When you can see you are right with God you will seek intimacy with him. When you have intimacy with him you will know you are loved. When you know you are loved you can love others freely. When you love others freely they will see God in you.

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