Thrifty Thursdays 22

Over the last few years I’ve sought out every way I could discover on how to save money, make, money, and get things for little to no cost.  One of the best resources I have come across is Creative Live a revolutionary education company in USA who let’s you watch whatever course they are running for free.  Now depending on what timezone you are in it may require setting the alarm to watch the live session and interact with others in the chat rooms.  But there are always free replays and you can buy anytime access.


The reason I’m writing about them today though is I started watching this course during the week.  I’m constantly dreaming of when that next trip might be and where I might go, who I might meet and what photos I will return home with.  Any tips I can get on travelling on the cheap I’ll eat up quicker than donuts.  So if you want another stamp in your passport or maybe the first one check it out.

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