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Have you heard the whole album yet? 2024.02 by Endless Refrain was released in full last week though depending on where you see 2024.02 you may see it called “The Album they Wouldn’t Let Us Call 2024.02”. Being independent means you can do more than you can if signed to a record label, but if you want to get your music on the industry platforms there is still scope to come up against arbitrary rules.

“For You” is the song on the A side of this weeks single. It was written:
“For those who wish they had spoken words of worth,
For those who wish they had shown love’s true rebirth,
For those who wish they had lived with faith, not fear,
For those who wish they had surrendered, their hearts held near,
For those who look back with hindsight’s bittersweet glow,”

The visuals in the music lyric video share a creative concept with “His Church” though created in a uniquely different way. Which video do you think took longer to create the artwork for?

If you want to collect For You on Sound Click Here.

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If you want to watch For You on Youtube:

The song on the B Side of this weeks single is “His Church”. Written for those missing out on a loving relationship with their creator because of their reaction to the actions of other humans. Originally written as a duet the plans to record it as one were unfortunately changed to keep it on this album. I look forward to being able to record an album of duets hopefully later this year. For now share “His Church” with anyone who you want to share love with.

“God is faithful and just,
Though the church may have lost its trust.
But you don’t have to miss out on His truth and love,
For His grace, it falls like rain from above.”

If you want to collect His Church on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch His Church on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch His Church on Youtube:

Please accept my apology for the delay in writing this weeks blog post. It’s been an exhausting month offline and it has seriously affected my time spent online. I’m grateful all the songs were finished earlier than they were last month. Now I need to upload the last two videos for next week and then get to work on 2024.03. The songs have been written, but a with another 8 songs to be recorded and videos to be created the schedule continues to be a race against the clock.
What is your favourite song from 2024.02? Let me know in the comments below.

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