Tuesday Tunes 33

That’s a wrap on the music lyric videos for 2024.02. Two new videos this week for the final two songs from the album. The song on Side A this week is “The Night My Dreams Died. A song inspired by everyone who has left a Bible in a hotel room for a future guest. And those who have read them and come to a greater understanding of the life that can be found within it’s pages. At the time of creating the video I just happened to come across the movie “Gun and a Hotel Bible” coincidence? Godincidence? It’s an interesting film but I won’t say anymore to avoid any spoiler alerts.

If you want to collect “The Night My Dreams Died” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “The Night My Dreams Died” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “The Night My Dreams Died” on Youtube:

The final song on 2024.02 excluding the bonus tracks that haven’t been released yet is “Running From Surrender”. Originally written as a duet, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear it recorded as one. Hopefully you like this version, it’s this week’s B Side.

If you want to collect “Running From Surrender” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “Running From Surrender” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “Running From Surrender” on Youtube:

So far “Australian Melody” is the most watch video on YouTube, though it’s one of the least watched on Rumble. “Oh America” is the most watched video on Rumble. It’s fascinating seeing how each song connects differently on various platforms. If you’ve added any Endless Refrain songs to a playlist on a streaming platform let me know in the comments below.

2024.03 has been recorded and the first two music lyric videos are set to premier next week. “illusions of nirvana” and “Annie’s Song” are the first two songs to be released. There’s 8 new songs waiting for you to discover and 3 of them have alternative versions which will be released at some point. The two bonus versions of songs from 2024.02 are still waiting to be released. After you share your favourite Endless Refrain song on your socials contact your local radio stations and request it.

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