Tuesday Tunes 34

A new month, a new album and some mega exciting news to share with you. Endless Refrain received a message from a radio show that according to their website is heard on 27 stations across the nation, asking them to submit their music for consideration to be included in their weekly show. More on that as the story develops.

I had an extremely creative day this past week and finished writing the lyrics for April’s album 2024.04. But March has just started, Summer has ended in Australia and Autumn has begun. Endless Refrain’s third album 2024.03 in my opinion is their best yet. Let them know once you’ve heard it what you think. There’s three bonus tracks that have been recorded for it, they will be released at a later date. The 8 songs that make up the main album 2024.03 will all be released on March 14th on streaming platforms. Each Tuesday at 7am and 7pm an official lyric video will be released on Rumble and Youtube.

This weeks releases feature “illusions of nirvana” on the A Side and “Annie’s Song” on the B Side.
I’ve already shared “illusions of nirvana” twice in previous blogs. First back in June 2023 and then again in August 2023 when I was just starting this Tuesday Tunes blog series. I don’t recall remembering that these were written together when the songs for the album were being selected. They didn’t just end up on the album together but together on the album.

If you want to collect “illusions of nirvana” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “illusions of nirvana” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “illusions of nirvana” on Youtube:

If you want to know more about what inspired the original writing of both songs but especially Annie’s Song watch the video at the end of this blog post.

If you want to collect “Annie’s Song” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “Annie’s Song” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “Annie’s Song” on Youtube:

Next week you can look forward to “living next door to Johnny” and “My One and Only” videos released on Tuesday. On Thursday the you can hear all the songs on your favourite streaming platform. You’ll also be able to collect them on Sound and prove on the blockchain that you were an early fan of Endless Refrain. If you would like physical cd’s, let me know how many of each album you’d like.

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