Tuesday Tunes 35

Another week and two new songs for you and lots of research done on new distributers as Endless Refrain’s original distributor is now their previous distributor. I’d much rather have been using that energy creatively but these are some of the behind the scenes things that can happen in between the idea stage and when you get to experience the finished product. They have signed on with a new distributor and are waiting to see if the album 2024.03 can still be released on the streaming platforms on the 14th as planned. If not it will be released as soon as possible and in the meantime you’ll be able to listen to it on sound.xyz. This is one of the reasons why having music on the blockchain rather than through traditional channels is the future. More freedom for the creatives and less control for the suits.

The track from the A Side this week is “living next door to Johnny”. The longest song lyrically but the second longest musically on the album. It’s already become popular on their YouTube channel. How many “Johnny’s” do you know?

If you want to collect “living next door to Johnny” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “living next door to Johnny” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “living next door to Johnny” on Youtube:

The track from the B Side this week is “My One and Only”

If you want to collect “My One and Only” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “My One and Only” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “My One and Only” on Youtube:

The full album 2024.03 will be available on Sound on the 14th. You can listen for free and if you want to own one of the songs you can be one of the first in the world to show your support for Endless Refrain. Two new videos will be released next Tuesday before the final two are released on the last Tuesday in the month.

Thanks to someone again sharing their space all the songs for 2024.04 have been written and the songs are close to their final edits. It’s another rock album and a couple of the songs have alternative versions. It’s looking likely the extra bonus songs could be getting their own album soon. Have an awesome week and before next week’s update I might have some photography exhibition news to share with you.

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