Tuesday Tunes 40

It’s not 50 or 100 but it feels equally as momentous. 4 albums, 28 songs, written, recorded, produced, videos created, publicity, it’s been exhausting but it feels so good to have accomplished this much so far. At the start of the year it was a dream, an idea, a hope, and despite all the challenges, each month it’s become more and more reality. Yet it still feels surreal hearing any of the songs by Endless Refrain knowing all the hard work I put in to get each one from the idea stage to the finished product.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and there’s so much more to come. Their latest album “Fool” was released on Sunday. Have you heard the entire album yet? Two more videos premiered today and there are still four more to premiere over the next two weeks.

The song on the A Side of this weeks single is “Hallelujah Our King”

Prepare to be uplifted by the divine melody of Endless Refrain’s new track, “Hallelujah Our King” from their new album “Fool,” out now on Sound.xyz and streaming platforms. Let your spirit soar as heavenly lyrics intertwine with harmonious melodies, celebrating the grace and love of our heavenly Father.

If you want to collect “Hallelujah Our King” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “Hallelujah Our King” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “Hallelujah Our King” on Youtube:

The song on the B Side of this weeks single is “She Danced”

Embracing the joy of life with “She Danced” from Endless Refrains’ new album Fool! This song is an absolute anthem for breaking free from society’s constraints and dancing like nobody’s watching. It’s all about embracing the moment, defying expectations, and living life to the fullest! Let’s soak up every drop of joy and dance in the rain, drenched to the bone! Who’s ready to join the rebellion of carefree dancing and make memories that last a lifetime?

If you want to collect “She Danced” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “She Danced” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “She Danced” on Youtube:

Which is your favourite song from “Fool” so far. Share it with your friends and leave a comment on their video so they know what connected with you. Next week the videos for “Awaken” and “Stone Cold V Foolish Love” premiere, don’t miss them.

*** Late Breaking News *** Physical Media Now Available EndlessRefrain.com there is more coming but I finally got some items created for those who want to own Endless Refrain albums in a non digital format.

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