Tuesday Tunes 41

I was in tears before 9am this morning. I heard someone telling people to check out Endless Refrain’s videos on youtube. Such a small thing in the scheme of things but it meant a lot to me. It takes a lot to keep producing these songs and videos. Continually learning and growing whilst also creating and doing so at a pace that has both kept me going and taken it’s toll. It was a relief to finally get their albums on CD last week.

To follow that up with being able to create and release the initial range of merchandise has been two milestones accomplished in one week. In time the plan is to also release their albums on vinyl.

Work continues on next months album “Her Name Was May”. Eight new songs, Eight new videos.

Today saw the latest two videos from this months album “Fool” released. The images inside the text are videos I’ve shot in previous years. Some from Australia, some from my travels overseas. Do you recognise the locations in any that have been released so far?

This morning’s release was “Awaken”. Awaken reminds us of the beauty and grace that surrounds us each day. With lyrics that speak straight to the heart and a melody that feels like a gentle breeze, this song is a great song for any time of day. Take a moment to appreciate the Creator of all things and the endless love that he gives freely.

If you want to collect “Awaken” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “Awaken” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “Awaken” on Youtube:

Tonight’s video release was “Stone Cold v Foolish Love”. The song hits differently with its powerful lyrics and soul-stirring beats. But let’s talk about the real heart of this song – the message of love, forgiveness, and resilience.

Have you ever questioned if loving someone despite their flaws makes you a fool? This track beautifully explores that inner conflict, echoing the timeless question: “Was I a fool?” Yet, it’s not just about questioning love; it’s about embracing it, even when it seems foolish to the world.

If you want to collect “Stone Cold v Foolish Love” on Sound Click Here.

If you want to watch “Stone Cold v Foolish Love” on Rumble Click Here.

If you want to watch “Stone Cold v Foolish Love” on Youtube:

There’s only two more videos left from “Fool” to premiere next week. “Renew Us Oh Lord” and “His Fingermark”. Then the musical odyssey of 2024 continues with a fresh set of song and videos.

If you want any of the CD’s and Merchandise Click Here.

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