Walking in the Spotlight

“What if I can’t sing again, that’s my bread and butter.” Stan Walker

Stan Walker 2009 Australian Idol winner, 5 albums, 7 films, numerous awards.

Stan Walker 2009 his then girlfriend had a miscarriage, survivor of childhood abuse, medically diagnosed with a disease that has killed many of his extended family.

The public versus private lives of people can paint a very different picture. Stan the documentary was originally released in 2018. During the lock down Stan released it on his youtube channel. I found it to be a very honest look at facing challenges in life.

What events in life have tried to rob you of your dreams?

Where do you find the strength to continue the fight?

His talent and personality cut through the screen like a hot knife through butter during the 2009 season of Idol. I didn’t closely follow his career after that I had my own challenges to deal with. When youtube suggested the video for me to watch last month I was curious to discover what he had been up to.

In a world, that the news is showing is quickly disintegrating around us it was refreshing to see not only Stan but also his family relying on their faith to get them through. So many times during his life he could have made choices that would have had dramatically different consequences.

I was surprised by how much I connected with his story. I’ve never been diagnosed with cancer but I have experienced health issues due to hereditary genes. I can joke now about getting injections in my eyeballs. Seeing the needle go in, then feeling the cool liquid squirt into my eyeball. At the time the pain they were trying to rectifying was no joking issue.

Years later when the car hit me it sent me on a journey of asking a similar question to Stan. What if I can’t work again? As vital as that is to one’s existence there is another question that’s a bit more personal than practical underlying that question. What if I am not able to create again.

I was working out which direction this post would end up going and during the drafting process, I had a conversation with another creative person. They started sharing with me their struggles with not being able to perform when they dealt with their own health issues. I knew then it was an article that needed to be written.

If an event in life has robbed you of a dream you are not alone.

Maybe you had the dream of being a parent and now won’t see your child until heaven. Years ago I was invited to write about my experience with that loss.

Maybe you’ve had the challenge of making progress and then getting setback after setback. Whether you are famous like Stan or not so famous like me, life still has it’s challenges.

At what point do you share a problem with family and friends? If you are a public figure at what point do you share a personal problem with the world? There is no easy answer to either question. How to find the strength to deal with others reactions when all your strength is being used just getting through the day, can be even more challenging.

During this lockdown I’ve encouraged as many as I could to get as much fresh air, sunshine and exercise as possible. I didn’t know growing up how important these things were for good mental health. Looking back now I can more clearly see it. Hearing Stan talk about changing his eating habits resonated loudly. As large a number as the reported covid death toll is when you put it in the context of some of the larger numbers of some of the biggest killers every year it’s alarming we don’t take more proactive action over our own health.

Where do you find the courage to do something different to your ancestors to change your destiny? Could you find the courage to do something different to your cultural norm if it meant saving lives?

Whatever community you belong to you could be the voice of change. If you can find the courage to find your voice, you could literally save lives.

Stan literally had to discover a new way to sing.

I’ve had to find a different voice. Now using my fingers more than my mouth.

Whatever challenges you’ve faced in life, or will face in the future don’t give up hope.

Taking time to heal is ok.

Starting over is ok.

Finding new hopes and dreams is ok.

Don’t let fear stop you from living your fullest life.

Article first published 23rd June 2020 http://christiantoday.com.au/news/walking-in-the-spotlight.html

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