What inspires me Wednesdays 19

This month as a lead up to Clunes Booktown I’m looking forward to sharing with you four authors that have inspired me over the last few years.  After my life changing accident a few years ago I had a lot more time to read books and I sought out autobiographies of those who lives would inspire me to keep going.

Two books I discovered by Justin Herald are “would you like Attitude with that?” and “What are you waiting for?”. Part autobiography and part motivational book I found it inspiring to read of this Aussie who had turned $50 into a multimillion dollar company.


There is still one of my old business cards bookmarking one of the pages with a quote highlighted on it ‘the longer you wait for other people to understand your situation the longer you delay moving ahead’.

There are other books in the series that I haven’t read yet but I found these very easy to read .  So if you are looking for a swift kick up the bum to get you going again grab one of his books and then start doing.

Share in the comments below a book that has inspired you ….


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