4 in a row (just) can I make it 5?

Thanks to your votes my hard work has paid off these last 4 months receiving the most votes to win 4 Ballarat Writers Flash Fiction contests in row. Last month was the closest vote yet as I won by only a single vote, and there two people tied for second!


July is a new month, a new prompt, a new genre and a new word limit.

I had the idea for this months entry within moments of the prompt being announced at the members night last month. It took me till this week to write it down as additional medical issues and other wonderful distractions consumed my attention.

The parameters this month were

Prompt:      ‘a depressed one-eyed alien at his birthday party’ (you can include some or all of these words in your story)

Genre:     Open 

Word count:      300 – 337


So the authors have done their part now it’s up to you read the 7 entries and vote for your favourite at the end of the 7th story.

Will my story be voted no1 again this month? The power is in your voting finger and rememeber last months was decided by 1 vote, whoever you vote for it matters.

I’ll let you know the winner after it’s is announced at the monthly Ballarat Writers members night on Wednesday.

Click here to read and vote.


If you want to have your own go at writing flash fiction here is your chance to win a ebook copy of Some Shorter than Others.


p.s. The ideas for Journeys III continue to be refined and I look forward to sharing this journey with you once I start shooting.

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