3 in a row will you make it 4? 4

Despite entering all year long it took till the final flash fiction competition last year to win my first one. It just happened to be the major end of year one named after a former Ballarat Writers member who in the last years of her life entered the monthly competition with regularity and almost as regularly won each month. Having been awarded the prize named after one that set such a high standard I started this year with a renewed vigor to craft the best story I was capable of each month, and submit before the entry deadline. Thanks to your votes my hard work has paid off these last 3 months receiving the most votes to win 3 in row.


June is a new month, a new key phrase, a new genre and a new word limit.

I woke at 4am one morning earlier in the month with this story idea and unlike most times where I’m like oh I’ll just remember it in the morning which I usually don’t I wrote this one down.

The parameters this month were

Prompt: Include the sentence, “You’re an Idiot”

Genre: Drama 

Word count:  100-110

So the authors have done their part now it’s up to you read the 6 entries and vote for your favourite at the end of the 6th story.

Will my story be voted no1 again this month?

I’ll let you know after the winner is announced at the monthly Ballarat Writers members night on Wednesday.

Click here to read and vote.


p.s. The ideas and intricate details for Journeys III continue to mull over in my head even if I’m physically not up to start shooting it yet.


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