It’s not all Beer and Skittles .. 2

Though I do love Skittles even though that’s a different skittles referred to in the saying.


Before I get completely lost in that tangent though thank you to everyone who has visited the current exhibition at Backspace Gallery in it’s first week.



I always find it a struggle how much to share publicly how hard life can be for me. I strongly want to be known for my art and abilities and not have someone’s perception of the difficulties I face in achieving what I do influence that too heavily. Yet if you looked at the surface you would think I was doing great having exhibited solidly since the end of last year. But if there were a camera crew following me in that time they would have captured the assistance I received in the installation and deinstallation of those exhibitions.


If that camera crew then followed me behind my closed doors they would capture a barely coherent man trying his best to take care of himself. Trying to get the pain levels back under control and not shed a tear not even in private. Trying to eat healthy and avoid the comfort foods. Trying to stay connected with the outside world when being out for only a short while can put him into bed for a day or two. Trying to make healthy life choices especially when the body is screaming in pain. And all this trying can be exhausting, yet I was born for more than this and knowing that means I cannot give up. I can’t stop, I can’t give in. If I can help, aid, assist, just one more person then it’s all been worth it.


And so I continue despite the current deck of cards I’m dealing with. Fully aware how fortunate I am compared to a large percentage of not only the population of Australia but also the world, I keep going. So what ever you are currently going through know it is only temporary and you never know what could happen tomorrow so please choose to live it to the best of your ability.

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2 thoughts on “It’s not all Beer and Skittles ..

  • carol warham

    Sorry to hear your problems Neville. I’m having a ‘down’ day and your blog made me pull myself together. Yes, we’re a million times more fortunate than many others.
    Hope the exhibition went well.

    • niftynev Post author

      Thanks Carol, glad I could help you pull yourself together. I survived that exhibition and managed to pull it down and get it reinstalled at it’s current location within 24 hours 3 days later I am still recovering from that effort. Gratitude is all about perception, and the last few years I’ve had lots of opportunity for gratitude despite what I’ve been dealing with.