A Tale of Two Articles

Creating art in any form is something I treasure. Being able to share it with you makes the journey extra special. No matter how many times it happens seeing something I’ve written in a most popular list is still humbling. Seeing my article “Who is Xi Xi Pandrews” on top of a most popular list for the past few days has touched me. Thankyou for reading and sharing it so much.

I can’t remember the exact words Xi Xi Pandrews used when I shared the draft with him before submitting it for publication the the gist of what he said was he was surprised and humbled that I’d written an article about him.

To have a second article published this week about my new project has warmed my heart. If you haven’t seen anything about Elise’s Blanket yet I need to fire my media manager, but you can read about it here. It’s taken multiple years to get this series of NFT’s to where it is today and it was so exciting yesterday to finally share them with you.

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