Dreams shattered and realised on the same day.

Let me start this post by saying whatever you are going through you can make it. You may need to ask for help, maybe more than once but you will make it. I’ve been looking forward to today all weekend. Right now I should have been in Melbourne seeing my entry into the Connected Art Exhibition for myself. Soaking up the talent of the other 80+ artists work on display and congratulating the winners after the official opening. Instead I am home in way to much pain to travel there by any means than a transporter. So no matter what pain you are dealing with today whether it is physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual keep breathing tomorrow is a new day full of new promises.




Thank you to Donald the man behind the Inclusive Arts Network exhibition later in the year in Ballarat for taking this photo for me today so I can at least see my work on display down there even if I can get there to see it today.




Now hopefully things will ease off in time for me to make the other Exhibition opening tonight that is closer to home and hopefully I’ll be able to make it through even if it costs me another day in bed tomorrow to recover.

and to the very un australian super fund and insurance company if you are reading this your treatment of your clients is paramount to torture!


and a final thank you to the model, printers and framer with out you my vision for this series would not have been realised.



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