Some Shorter than Others turns 2!

Two years ago today was a very exciting day releasing my first collection of short stories out into the world.

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Thank you to everyone who has played a part in making what it has become since then.

From the readers to the retailers, the reviewers and the translators.

Last year was almost even more exciting than releasing the English edition as Some Shorter than Others

was translated into Spanish then Portuguese, German and just before Christmas Italian.


It was such a memorable experience not only being given the opportunity to share my stories with

whole new audiences that otherwise may have not gotten to read them, but also in all I learned.

Having each story essentially deconstructed by another person so it could be retold taught me

so much about what was most important in each story and what could change without

changing the integrity of the characters, setting or story and what couldn’t.


To celebrate making it this far I’m giving away an english Ebook copy with every paperback copy sold this week.


Some Longer than Others which I’ve been working on as the next collection of short stories is still on the back burner for now, my apologies to those waiting.

I would have loved to have this collection completed by now but one thing I have learned in the last 2 years is it’s better to take longer and produce a better product

than rush it to get a product out by a certain time. All the stories have been started and some have been completed but it’s going to take a bit

more clarity of mind to get the rest finished.  My health has been a serious influence on my quality of life let alone being able to create anywhere near to the level

I’d like to be able to so realistically I’ve achieved a lot in the last 2 years. If fully functioning I could have completed it all in a small portion of that time.

It will happen though so please be patient just a little bit longer.  In the meantime I have been working on a project I can do at a lower level of alertness.

I’ve been working on a picture book over the last few months and have been getting some positive feedback from my beta readers.

To get the idea down while I was thinking of it I wrote the first page of my first novel recently so there’s lots of exciting releases to look forward to in 2017.


Enjoy the Paralympics starting tomorrow, I know the athletes will be inspiring me to continue to go faster, higher, stronger.

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