It’s been a while …

I felt last night it was time to reboot this blog albeit in a slightly different direction.  As much as I loved my previous schedule it was just too much hopefully I can better maintain this more laid back ad hock approach.


This feeling came after watching Hell and Back Again a movie that takes a very personal insight into the cost of war for just one of many.  I messaged a friend as the credits rolled “I just watched a movie about a soldier injured in war and his coping afterwards, wish I couldn’t relate so closely having never been a soldier but though the circumstances were different the end result is way to similar”.


I’ve had the privilege of hearing so many stories since my accident and as empathetic as I was beforehand, this added experience has certainly fueled my fire even brighter to encourage others to share their stories so that less people feel like they are doing it alone.


I look forward to highlighting other artists work during the weeks ahead if you want to hear a little but more about my next exhibition tune into Voice FM tonight from 10pm.




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