Flashback Fridays 15

The 90’s … it feels like it was so long ago, and then this week I started playing SimCity all over again. Back then it was on a Pentium 486 Dx2 66 which cost over $1,000 second hand.  This week it’s on a phone with more processing power ROM and RAM than could have been imagined back then, and for about 1/10th of the price.

Now here is my disclaimer you have been warned SimCity Buildit can be addictive.  If you download it do not blame me if you disappear into a SimCity vortex. Now it is free to play but you will have to exercise patience, as it is geared to get people to part with real cash but you can play it without doing so.

It has brought back a lot of memories of playing the original , I think I was meant to be doing homework at the time.  But as it did back then, it is once again providing a welcome distraction from some of the stresses of life.  As fictitious as it is, feeling like one can have control over something can enable more assertiveness in the less controllable parts of real life.

p.s. if your a super simcity fan I do have a still sealed PC version of SimCity 2000 looking for a new home, inbox me with your best offer.

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