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How would you like a free cup of coffee every time you went shopping.  Well you can get one at my local Maxi foods supermarket, in their bid to attract customers going to the competition for their rewards points.  But better than any of them is a bank account that gives you 5% cash back for 6 months on every purchase using the tap and go payment system.  Sorry if your reading this from outside of Australia, but if you are look around you may find a similar scheme close to you.

Now I had a similar offer a few months ago with my current bank but it was only for a few weeks and was capped at a few dollars of cashback each week.  This one is for 6 months and no cap (other than the usual fair usage disclaimer).  So I did my research found another one offering 2% cashback for the life of the account if your wages were paid into the account, which doesn’t currently suit me.  So I settled on this one, which by choosing the pink coloured card during the very easy online sign up process also helps raise money for cancer research.

Yes I’m keeping my current account, no I’m not switching banks.  I’ve just set up an auto transfer every week so I have the grocery and fuel money in the account whenever I need it and I can’t wait for it to arrive to start seeing the money rolling back into my account every time I shop.

***Legal Disclaimer, this is not financial advice, it is an everyday Australian’s opinion.  But if you started this year complaining about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, then I’ve just shown you an easy way to get free money for the next 6 months so ….

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