What inspires me Wednesdays 15

Those that do something because it’s there to be done have always inspired me.  Breaking or setting records or achieving something that 98% of the population says it’s impossible.

During the week if you didn’t hear free climbers Kevin Jorgesen and Tommy Caldwell reached the top of the Dawn Wall in USA after nearly 3 weeks of sleeping on the cliff face and inching forward metre by metre towards their goal each day.

914m was the challenge and they dedicated themselves to 5 years of training to achieve it. El Capitan, is the largest granite monolith in the world, and the first recorded climb was in 1958.  Many have tried since, few have succeeded.

These two dared to face this challenge head on and now have created a moment in time to inspire others around the world.

What are you doing today to inspire someone else?

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