Flashback Fridays 35

Watching Mick Fannings story on 60 minutes on Sunday night and I was having flash backs to 2008 and the journey I had to take to get back on the bike after a car send me sliding across the highway during peak hour traffic.  It took months to be able to get another bike and then once I’d replaced the written off bike it was a long difficult journey which continues to this day.  Seeing such a high profile case in the media has me hoping that more people will get back on their proverbial horse  and not live their life in fear.

Just as Mick has gone back into the sharks playground I continue to ride among the cars any of which could end my life due to the lack of concentration of the driver behind the wheel.  It took me weeks if not months of riding the back streets a few minutes at a time being hyper vigilant of the non existant car that could be coming out of any driveway or side street.  But I always said if I was ever gonig to give up riding it would be on my terms not due to fear or because someone said I should.

So I conquered the fear and decided to keep riding because I love it so much.  Sadly my ability to ride is still limited and the closer the environment gets to replicating the accident the more I have to force myself to breathe calmly and not tense up.  Every day is a challenge and I meet it with all I have.  If you relate to Mick’s or my story please do not ever give up keep going, you can do it.

If you missed the story you can watch it here

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