Memory Making Mondays 36

I had the privilege and honour of witnessing a wedding on the weekend.  It was one of the most laid back and casual weddings I have ever been too.  The weather was even surprisingly nice for this time of year.  It was so beautiful to see a devoted couple committing to follow Christs example as they start a new life together.

_DSC7264-CR-webcopyFrom the seriousness of the day to the fun of someone (who shall remain unidentified) not wanting to touch the flower after the bride had thrown it at the end, and a member of the new extended family draping the bride in a football scarf in welcoming her to the family (no I won’t show that photo either, it wasn’t my team).   It took me 2 days for the body to recover (no I didn’t drink) but I will treasure being invited to witness such a memorable moment.


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