I did it 3


Well I can say I’m feeling a massive sense of achievement having finally got this setup.  Yes it is still a work in progress. Yes a lot of things could be better, and hopefully before this month ends they will be.  But I did it!

Through a foggy, pain riddled, anxiety distracted, depression induced brain I succeeded in setting up my own site without having to pay someone to do it.  I persevered and didn’t give up and I have some more self taught knowledge to show for it.

Now I can relax a little bit, though with the official launch of Some Shorter than Others only days away, which will include the launch of not one but two competitions and the launch of the crowdfunding campaign to convert the short stories into an audio book  and a new photographic exhibition to install (more about that tomorrow), a radio interview, 2 doctors appointments, one nurse appointment ….

Well I think you get the picture it’s a busy week ahead. I hope yours is a great one and remember “It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what’s been done to you. It only matters what you do with your rainbow today.”

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