Memory Making Mondays 18

An Easter I’ll never forget.  In the space of 24 hours over the weekend I had not one moment, but two, that created life long memories.

The first memory making moment was receiving in my inbox a rough cut demo of a song that a singer/songwriter had recorded based on one of my poems.

It was the first time I have ever heard my words in a song and it has been a dream for a while now so it means a lot to me.  It will be another couple of months before I am able to share the finished product with you though. Stay tuned for updates.

The second memorable moment happened while I was still processing the first.  The full translation of Some Shorter than Others arrived in my inbox.  Seeing a completed version of my book in another language had my eyes sweating.  I knew it was coming yet seeing it still touched me deeply.  It will be a few more weeks before I get to hold the finished product in my hand but thanks to my wonderful translator Luis Montoya the bulk of the hard work has now been done.  It’s been a very memorable weekend.

Did you have a memorable moment over the weekend?

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