Memory Making Mondays 19

I never could have imagined it would lead to this.

Wanting to share stories longer than my poems Some Shorter than Others was collated and written before being released in 2014. Now  3 translations are scheduled to be released before it’s 1 year anniversary. The first one in Spanish in only a matter of weeks.

_DSC6229_grapes_exhibition_To celebrate this news the illustrations have gone on display for the first time this year at The Grapes Hotel 121 Grant Street Ballarat.


“Mi imaginación corrió igual de rápido que Rumey, una lectura muy divertida y relajante…”

“My imagination ran fast as Rumey, a very fun and relaxing read.”

Gloria – USA

Just one of the reviews I received this week. I can’t wait to see these new translations in print so a whole new audience can enjoy them.


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