Movember 2023 Week 01

I’d hoped to publish this yesterday marking the first 7 days of #Movember for 2023. Though it’s a struggle to type it today I’m forging through and pray this update finds you and those you love in good health.

How do you think my Mo is after the first week?

Thank you to Ro, Brenda and Jenny who all donated in the first week to help men’s health. Ro claimed the title this year of being the one to get me to shave off a years worth of facial hair by being the first to donate.

Thank you also to the retired hairdresser who once again used her expert skills to take years off my visual age until I grow it all back again for next years Movember.

Due to my own health being hammered this month I haven’t been able to promote this as much as I would have liked. Any sharing you can do whether it’s my campaign or someone else’s would be greatly appreciated. Now in it’s 20th year here’s some of the things your donations helps support.

If you can support my campaign in anyway here it is.

If you’d like a greater insight into what it can be like to be a man check out this video by Dax called To Be A Man. One Australian male killing themselves every four hours is too many.

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