Movember 2023 Week 04

That’s a wrap for #Movember for 2023. A few days later than I planned for the final update but here it finally is.

Thank you to everyone who donated and everyone who has shared my campaign to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. It’s not to late to donate if you would still like to.

How do you think my Mo finished up?

$150 was the final amount raised. The last donation was one of the reasons for not posting last week. I was told it was being made but didn’t want to share it until it was completed. Thank you to everyone who contributed to that collective contribution.

In the previous three updates I’ve shared different versions of Dax’s song “To Be a Man”. Last week I released my own video that was weeks in the making. He’s inspired a lot of people around the globe to share parts of their story and this is part of mine.

Hopefully these stats that I saw being shared on X improve before next years Movember.

Let me leave you with some hope via another recent post I saw on X.

You’re more than a person who…(insert traumatic event).

All these things are terribly painful and are sources of legitimate suffering. But you are more than that terrible act(s) or experiences.

These things may leave an indelible mark, but they still don’t have to be all consuming and defining.

There is more to you. There is a future.

And, by God’s grace, there is healing and restoration.

You are not your trauma.”

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