My 1st article published for 2023 & New designs available (well they were)

Updated 1st Feb 2023

Welcome to my first update for 2023. 1 month of creativity complete, 11 more to go. I’m still struggling with a repairing collarbone. I’m still not sleeping enough, taking meds around the clock, physio puts me in bed for hours. Doing almost anything puts me back in bed. I’m still living without almost all the support insurance should have provided after the accident. Gratefully many friends have stepped up to help.

So on the creative front my first article for 2023 was published yesterday. Due to a medical appointment yesterday and the death of a very dear loved one I’ve spent more time crying than sharing my new article.

Some early feedback I have had on it includes

“Thank you for sharing this uplifting article”


“Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us. A timely reminder in these days to strengthen our relationship with our Father as He is all we have to cling to in dark times.”

Sorry I took a break for dinner and then broke down in tears on the phone. So with no further pre amble thank you to those who have already read and shared An open letter to the residents of earth for 2023 putting it on the most popular list.

For those who haven’t read it yet here it is An open letter to the residents of earth for 2023

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I don’t have as many new designs ready to release for the start of February as I’d like ( the list of ideas keeps growing) but here are some of the new ones just uploaded and on sale for a limited time on TeePublic.

I can’t guarantee they will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day but the sooner you order the sooner you’ll be able to use them. Lots more available than what is pictured here

I look forward to bringing you some new designs and new articles soon, good night.

Update 1st Feb 2023

Hot off the press I’ve been cancelled! The idiots at TeePublic had an issue with the tshirt design I uploaded last night featuring Hope is the anchor of my soul and words from the heart. The individual designs are ok, but when I combine them that violates their terms and conditions. That one single and first violation was enough for them to delete my whole account. What a joke!

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