My 2nd article published for 2023 & New designs available take 3

Thank you again to everyone who read and shared my first article “An open letter to the residents of earth for 2023” enough to put it in the most popular list the week it was published. My continued thanks to those ho continue to read and share it enough to keep it in the hot news list all this week.

My second article for the year has now been published let me know your feedback on either article in the comment section below.

I rarely alter a blog post after it’s been published but I quickly jumped in to update the last one when I discovered I had been cancelled yet again. Are Teepublic better than redbubble? They did at least reply to my appeal admitting they were at fault in taking down my design and store, not me. There was no apology, and they claim to have restored the design in question to my store. However my store still remains deleted. So in reality are they any better? NO.

The 1 of 1 samples I ordered from redbubble are now available in my ebay store.

Fine Art America haven’t cancelled me yet. I’m also yet to order any samples from them.

After Teepublic deleted all my work I’ve spent the time since then uploading my designs to TeeSpring or Spring as they now like to be called. I’ve also created some new designs the other sites never got to see. If you are looking for something no one else has yet, use the discount codes at checkout before they expire and save yourself some $$$.

Spring give more control over the design of the finished product on their site than the others I’ve tried so far. It takes longer to upload a new design because of this but it means I am happier with what I get to share with you. Exclusive to spring is my new range featuring photographs from my 2023 Four Seasons collection.

Still dealing with immense levels of pain it’s taken multiple times longer to get these online for you but I got there. Let me know which one is your favourite. I’ve got over a dozen ideas jotted down for new designs. I look forward to sharing them with you as soon as I am able. Right now though time for me to lay down again, have a wonderful weekend. Happy Shopping

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