Last week I shared a behind the scenes photograph of the making of Together from my Journeys II photo series.

This month I’ll be sharing behind the scenes images from Self, Frozen, and Embracing Self. This will conclude our recent trip down memory lane as these were the final shooting days for Journeys II. Thank you for sharing this part of my journey with me. Ahead of me was till the editing and printing before the launch in October 2016. A lot of work to do when sitting felt like sitting on a spilt box of thumb tacks.

For my latest blog post for PSI I explored the importance of listening to others stories. As important as it is to share our own if that is all we do we can become very focused on our own problems which isn’t necessarily the best way to solve them. The part of my journey that influenced the image Together was becoming part of a group where everyone had an opportunity to share what was happening in their life.

What I discovered as I listened each week to how everyone else was struggling or rejoicing was that my own problems even if only for an hour or so didn’t stress me out as much. As I heard of someone going through similar or even different things it shifted my inward focus.

As I found the courage to share parts of my journey I found ears willing to listen and arms willing to embrace. As I was able to help others despite all I was dealing with I rediscovered a purpose I’d been searching for since the accident.

I would be doing the group a disservice if I didn’t credit them in part with saving my life during that period. Which in part is why my latest blog post for PSI took a behind the scenes look at one woman’s life that is now dedicated to saving lives.

Something I didn’t share in that post so as to avoid any confusion with the topic was that I grew up believing my little brother was the lucky one. Through no fault of my parents he didn’t make it, they sure wanted him too. I often remember through my childhood thinking that he was the lucky one, I’d tell myself he was smart enough inside my mothers whom to know what was going on outside and self aborted so as to avoid all we were dealing with.

Please don’t misunderstand me these are the thoughts of a child I am sharing, and one who felt a lot of pain.

I’m thankful that now I no longer believe this.

I am the lucky one because despite all I went through I am still here and able to give others hope. I can speak into lives others may not have access to due to some of the life choices I’ve made along the way. I can encourage others who are struggling because I made it this far, and I know they can too.

So whether it’s your own story or someone else’s. Never discredit the impact it can have for good in this world.

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