Private Struggles

For some that live their lives in the public eye there isn’t much of a separation between their public life and their private life. Others choose to keep more of a buffer between what they share with the world and the rest of their life. Regardless of how publicly or privately an artist lives their life their art is always infused with part of their journey. When an artist steps out from behind their artform and shares their story without the buffer of their creativity it feels very raw.

I recently came across a series of short interviews from 10 artists that I wanted to share as soon as I had watched the first one. I apolagise it’s taken till now to share them with you. I pray they encourage you in your journey.

Toby Mac

Natalie Grant

Hope Darst


Jason Gray

Ben from Sidewalk Prophets

Tasha Layton

Zach Williams

Joel from For King and Country

Luke from For King and Country

Don’t be afraid to share your story. You may not have as many followers as these 10 do but there is someone you know that could be inspired and encouraged by your story.

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