Well let’s be honest, no. I’m not ok, and that’s not ok. I may have a brand new photo exhibition just launched and I may have a gorgeous new book just out, but that just makes me a functioning person living with depression. Yes I feel a sense of achievement in what I have accomplished and yes things would appear a lot worse had I not started these projects.  But all this effort is not without consequence, and so only hours before I’m expected to appear in public to officially launch the book with a smile on my face I’m lying in bed in agony writing this.  I’m manning up enough to say, no I am not ok.

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2 thoughts on “RUOK

  • Dorothy

    I’m sorry you’re not OK. I’ve been living with depression for most of my life and like you, I am highly functioning. Everything gets done, sometimes with a smile on my face, but there are days when I feel like dying.

    I’m glad your book launch was a success. Keep on getting up and getting things done, it’s the only way forward. And keep that Lifeline number handy.

    • niftynev Post author

      thanks for the comment Dorothy. I don’t need lifeline but if anyone does it’s 13 11 14. I’ve got too much to live for, I just really miss doing the things I used to be able to do so much.