Thrifty Thursdays 26

With so many of my posts being Australian focused as much as I try to include things that are universal, today I’ve got a guest post for you from USA. I’ll have another USA post from you next month.

If you aren’t already familiar with it, Swagbucks may just become your favorite website.  It is a website that offers several ways to earn points.  The simplest ways are the daily poll which you can earn 1 point daily, and using their site as a search engine.  You can even install the search bar so all your searches are automatically through swagbucks allowing you the best chance to earn points.  If you live in the US, you can print coupons and earn 10 points per coupon you redeem at the grocery store.  Another method is to watch videos daily to earn some points.  There are bonus points to be earned for meeting your daily goals as well.

There are other ways to earn as well.  You can fill out surveys, complete offers, shop through Swagbucks at your favorite retailer online.  They also sometimes offer codes you can type in for bonus points.  You can also earn points for referring your friends.  Simply share your link, (which will look like this:  ) either on a social media of your choice, email, or however you choose to share with family and friends.  You should also make sure to check your email as you can earn 50 points for your birthday, and sometimes there are some freebie points in there as well.

You can redeem your points for prizes or use them to enter drawings.  My personal favorite prize is a $5  Amazon gift card for 450 points.  I redeem these starting about 3 months before Christmas (as there is a limit as to how many you can redeem per week and per month), and end up with about $50 in gift cards for Amazon each Christmas to take some of the out of pocket expense.  I also do the same just before Easter.  I personally only use coupons, occasionally use it to shop at a few stores (order online, pick up in the store for Staples), the daily poll, some bonus codes and use it as a search engine, and I earn enough points to get about $100 in gift cards each year. If you do the surveys or special offers, you could earn more.

Missy M. is a single mom of two, bargain hunter and self sufficiency advocate.  Find her blog here. And if you decide to check out swagbucks

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