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The TV series Timeless debuted on Australian free to air TV this week. Seeing the advertisement had me thinking back to a blog post I wrote a couple of months ago. Scroll back up after you’ve finished reading this one and click here if you’d like to read it. In that post I pose the universal question if you could go back would you? With all the advancements we are making, makes things possible now that were once only in science fiction.

The question I didn’t have the word count to fully explore was surrounding the butterfly effect. If you went back and changed something in your past you have no way of knowing how it would affect your present, as the characters in the TV show soon discover. I know that there are so many choices I made along the way that had they been different could have me not even typing this blog post. I know so many of the people that are in my life now wouldn’t be. I know that some that were still might be.

If I didn’t travel on the highway the night I did, I wouldn’t have been in the accident I was. If the accident didn’t happen would a photograph I took be in an exhibition this month. Would I have found the time working three jobs to create any of the catalogue of work I have in the last few years. Would I now be married? How many kids would I have?

If I hadn’t had the childhood I had and developed the coping mechanisms I utilised after the accident. If I hadn’t of done this so many people in my life I wouldn’t have met. Some of these people are my closest dearest friends. Friends I may even risk time travelling to save should the need ever arise. Yet if I went back to improve my own life our paths might never cross.

It’s an eternal rabbit hole that you could spend the rest of your life travelling down. As much as I’ve indulged to think about it for the last few minutes I don’t plan to spend much more time there than that. Time is too precious. The people in my life are too precious. They are both to be treasured and that means I need to be in the present.

Please don’t waste another moment dwelling on what could have been or should have been. Have the courage to live counter cultural and live a self sacrificial life. If you do, a month from now, a year from now, a decade from now you will be able to glance back and see the difference you have made in your community by living a selfless life.

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